Job position / Job description

  • internal transport and transport of all products from department to department
  • transportation of pieces from gluing to the CNC processing department
  • loading of products onto a truck using a forklift or crane
  • other tasks according to the instructions of the employer

Application deadline / Qualifications / Experience

  • december, 2022
  • high school, training course
  • experience – 1 year, in similar jobs, however, it is not a requirement

Employment / Number of required employees


  • on a fixed-term basis with the possibility of permanent employment
  • 3 employees needed

Working time

  • full time (8 hours) – two shifts
  • 06:00 – 14:00 h
  • 14:00 – 22:00 h


  • the possibility of permanent employment
  • reward system and stimulation
  • the possibility of permanent improvement and development
  • stimulating and pleasant working atmosphere
  • warm meal provided

Application method

  • application form below
  • e-mail: (required documentation: application, CV, certificate of completion of education)
  • web meeting: skype or zoom (with announcement to the email address