Production of foundry patterns in company PIB extra Ltd. is organised in several steps. When a request for proposal is received by a buyer (by e-mail, fax or in paper form), in a very short period of time (usually a day or two) the calculation of production costs is made and the customer is sent the best offer, with a short delivery time (less than eight days), for the product of the quality specified by the customer. In 90% of cases, together with the request for proposal, we receive the 2D drawings with a rough technology outline (pattern and core distribution, interchangeable parts, etc.). The only thing enough for us to draw up our offer is to agree on the primary casting technology with the customer. As for the execution of projects, clients are constantly informed about the condition of their products through digital documentation and communication with their technical departments, so that they have access to almost all stages of the production process. The novelty that PIB extra Ltd. offers on the market is reverse engineering and 3D scanning. In that process, using scanning, we are able to get 2D and 3D documentation from the finished part. For this process we use modern equipment of the world famous manufacturer FARO.

Production process

  1. After CAD modelling, our technical department will send you, based on your 2D sketches and drafts (or 3D), the new 3D data set that contains a 3D overview of the casting technology, pattern, distribution, core, special core … One day after the order, this 3D review is sent to the customer via e-mail in 3D pdf or exe format, so that the customer can visually control the technology. Then the customer can see it and decide whether to modify or add something.
  2. 1:1 scale (aufriss) plus other important parts (old modelling school – all the drawings in a variety of colours and with all measures) – pattern distribution, processing accessories, conuses and so on. Everything is sent to the customer via e-mail in PDF or DWG format, to be able to see and check all the measures. In the end, the customer is assured about what he will be delivered.
  3. Our manufacturing facility produces patterns in three shifts, so the final pattern production is ready in a very short time (modern CAD / CAM production). Our quality is guaranteed. Two days before the delivery, the customer is, via e-mail, sent the photos of the finished pattern, plunger etc.
Production process