Wood pellets

PIB extra wood pellets are wood pellets of the highest quality with an extremely low moisture and ash content.

Today one of the most modern forms of heating, they are made exclusively of wood, with no added impurities and are a standardized form of biomass. Wood pellets are a cheaper heating solution compared to heating oil. They have a light color because they are made of pure wood without bark and do not contain any chemical impurities. Wood pellets are suitable for pellet stoves and boilers or for combined pellet stoves and firewood that have a specially installed pellet burner for this purpose.

Technical specification


6 ±1 (mm)


31.5<L≤40 (mm)


≤10 (%)

Ash content

≤0.7 (%)

Calorific value

≥4.6 (kWh/kg)

Weight 15 kg, store in a dry place.

Use only in approved and suitableheating systems in accordance withthe manufacturer’s instructions andnational regulations.


PIB extra wood pellets can be purchased in 15kg bags. There are 67 bags on the pallet, which corresponds to1,005 kg. We can also deliver pellets to you (the pricedoes not include transport), the choice of pelletsdepends on you and your stove. Order your pelletstoday! Our friendly staff will help you choose yourpellets. Let’s find the best solution for your needstogether so that you don’t get caught up in the cold!