30+ years in business

220+ employees

Work in three shifts (CNC)

Modern technology

Extremely short delivery time

Number of finished projects 11.000+

Covered production area 20.000 m2

(the biggest in Europe)

Largest CNC machine

Poseidon – 20500 x 8500 x 2500 mm (3 pcs)

Quality and reliability


Foundry pattern production company PIB extra Ltd. is a company in the north of Croatia, whose main activity is production of foundry patterns (Germ. Giessereimodellbau). The production program includes all types of patterns and plungers for hand and machine molding (wood, metal, plastic, EPS) for all foundry processes, which are today used in mechanical engineering, shipbuilding and energetics.


ll products are processed on modern 5-axis CNC machines. Electronic 3D patterns are modelled from 2D drawings or are sent by a customer. This way of production enables the rational management of resources, not to mention the greater accuracy than that of the conventional modelling procedures. The quality of these products is higher and the deadline for completion is much shorter.


Production of foundry patterns in company PIB extra Ltd. is organised in several steps. When a request for proposal is received by a buyer (by e-mail, fax or in paper form), in a very short period of time (usually a day or two) the calculation of production costs is made and the customer is sent the best offer, with a short delivery time (less than eight days), for the product of the quality specified by the customer.

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